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Beautiful Styles & Natural Care

Turn to Sheldeez Hair Products & Salon for the finest hair care in Herndon, Virginia, and the surrounding areas. Our team of stylists offers high-quality, trusted, hairstyling and coloring services for relaxed and natural hair using quality products and the latest techniques. Everything at the salon is orchestrated by visionary and owner Sheldonna Robinson, and her primary concern is the health of your hair. In our experience, stylists compromise the level of service to get people in and out of the salon.

Here we focus on a diagnostic approach to hair care. To ensure that your hair is properly cared for, your stylist should know all they can about your hair. Our stylists pay attention to the condition of your hair, ensuring that the proper treatments are used to restore it, and that we do as little damage in styling your hair. We offer a wide range of styling and care options, including:
Hair Consultations | Relaxers | Weaves | Braiding | Styling | Precision Cuts | Extensions | Bonding | Wave Nouveau | Curls | Colors


We strive to keep our prices affordable, so that our clients can afford the high-quality care they deserve. Please keep in mind that rates are subject to change based on the length and thickness of your hair.

Basic Services:

Shampoo—$15 | Blow Dry & Style—$55 | Roller Set—$50 | Wraps—$55 | Rod Sets & Spirals—$70 & Up | Straw Sets—$95 | Press & Curl—$65 | Flat Iron—$55

Relaxers, Perms, & Curls:

Relaxer Conditioner & Style—$80–$95 | Children's Relaxer (17 & Under)—$75 | Body Wave—$100 | Wave Nouveau—$100 | Care-Free Curl—$100 | Leisure Curls—$95 | Strengthening Therapy System—$300

Colors a La Carte:

Semi-Permanent—$45 (Extra) | Permanent—$55 (Extra) | Rinse—$35 (Extra) | Highlights—$75 (Extra) | Foiling—$110 (Extra) | Ombré—$165 (Extra)

Cuts a La Carte:

Full Haircut—$35 | Trim—$25


Adults—$80 | Children's (17 & Under)—$70

Conditioners a La Carte:

Protein Treatment—$20 | Moisturizing Conditioner—$10 | Oil Treatment—$10 | Dandruff Treatment—$5 | Silkening Treatment—$25


Whole Head Crimps—$20 (Extra) | French Roll—Starting at $55 | French Roll with Hair Added—Starting at $60 | Updos—$60 & Up | Twists (Half Head)—$20 | Back Twists—$75 & Up | Gel Twists—$65


Roller Set—$55 | Blow Dry & Style—$60 | Ponytail (Glue-In)—$60 | Ponytail (Pin-Up)—$55 | Whole-Head (Sew-In)—$200 | Whole-Head (Bonded)—$120 | Individual Tracks (Sew-In)—$20 (Less Than 4) | Individual Tracks (Bonded)—$15 (Less Than 4) | Weave Removal—$50


Straight Back—$50 & Up | Design—$65 & Up | Cornrows with Hair Added—$85 & Up | Cornrow Removal—$15 & Up


Individuals—$220 & Up | Twists (Two-Strand)—$80 & Up | Two-Strand with Kinky Hair—$150 & Up | Re-Twisting Dreads—$65 | Micro Braids—$220 & Up | Braid Removal—$100 & Up | Crochet Braids—$160

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